Content Marketing Manager - Website

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Marketing | Full-time


About MoEngage

MoEngage enables marketers to redefine their customer engagement in the digital era. Brands use MoEngage to drive long-term, personalized, and context-based engagement across channels to help achieve increased customer retention and customer LTV. Sitting at a conflux of diverse technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Web and Mobile platforms, MoEngage technology analyses billions of data points generated by customers and their devices to predict customer behavior and build marketing campaigns that proactively engage customers.

With marquee clients like Vodafone, Oyo, Airtel, and McAfee, MoEngage has customers in the Enterprise and Internet companies space in India, the US, South East Asia, and the EU. With a global presence spanning 35 countries, MoEngage has offices in San Francisco, Berlin, Jakarta, London, Singapore, Vietnam, Bangkok, and Bengaluru.

Content Marketing Manager - Website

Join the team that’s redefining customer engagement for a digital world. 

Hey there,

Thanks for stopping by. We know your time is valuable, especially when you are job hunting. So, we’ll get straight to the point.

What’s the role? What would you be doing daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly? 

  1. Overall ownership of the website content for MoEngage. This includes two websites [ and], chatbots on these websites, and other web presence such as our content on review sites, partner sites, etc

  2. Data and Insights: Reporting to the Senior Manager - Website Operations. Look closely at user behavior data on the website and work with the senior manager to deeply understand website metrics [traffic, engagement, and conversions]. Ability to understand insights into user behavior from website metrics and consider how content can impact those metrics. 

  3. Produce Content: Working closely with other stakeholders, such as SEO, product marketing, regional marketing, HR, partnership, and digital teams, to make sure that the content on our web pages is updated and improved regularly. The person must be good at copy/short-form and slightly longer content based on keyword research/SEO priorities.  

  4. Project Management and Prioritization: Work closely with design and development teams to implement the content changes/updates on the website—test, measure, and iterate.

  5. This is a hybrid role, it's not fully remote. The person would be based in Bangalore. Our office is in Koramangala. We expect the person to work from the office 2-3 days a week and the rest from home. 

What would be your impact? How will you know you are doing a good job? 

  1. Improvement in traffic, engagement, and conversion metrics.

  2. Is the website copy and content optimized for brand, product positioning, SEO, and conversions? 

  3. Regular cadence for creating new content, updating or archiving old content, and conversion optimization experiments. 

Why should you join? 

  1. Culture: We value people who are obsessed with customers, take ownership of outcomes, execute fast, and are humble. We aim to build the most trusted customer engagement platform for the digital-first world. “Trust” is the operative word!

  2. The team: An opportunity to work with the team that has [and still is] building a global SaaS brand from India. There is plenty of creative freedom to experiment with copy, content, design, and campaigns -  we believe B2B marketing doesn't have to be boring. We are not building from scratch, but we are also not a mature enterprise yet - we are somewhere in the middle. But there are enough supporting teams/structures/processes etc, to make this job well-defined. 

  3. Your career growth: Marketing team members have worn different hats over the years. We have had field marketers move to product marketing, content marketers move to managerial roles, digital marketers move to regional demand gen roles, and more. So, if you are great at your job and have the potential to grow, we will usually have more challenges for you to solve.

What kind of person would be the best fit for this role? 

  1. Functional/ technical skills required:

    1. Ability to produce clear/compelling copy and content. We are not looking for the most creative copywriter - but someone who can communicate to different personas simply, clearly, and compellingly. 

    2. Ability to understand the customer, their preferences, their journey, and their context in a deep manner. 

    3. Fair understanding of SEO -  not looking for an expert, but someone who understands SEO enough to work with SEO experts. 

    4. Ability to understand some basic tech. Like understanding our product in-depth, being able to publish content through WordPress, understanding Google Analytics, managing projects through, etc. 

  1. Domain knowledge/ experience 

    1. 4-5 years of overall marketing experience. 

    2. Preferably in content marketing. But we are also okay if you don't have specialized content marketing experience. For example, If you have been a growth marketer/early-stage marketer in b2b tech companies, you might also be a good fit. 

    3. B2B tech experience is necessary. We are not looking for people with a B2C or consumer marketing background.